The Neffs National Bank is an independent community bank with a long tradition of quality customer service. We would like to provide you with a brief history of our institution.

older-buildingOn February 23, 1923, a group of prominent, civic minded and courageous persons met and enacted The Articles of Association for the incorporation of The Neffs National Bank, providing for the start of urgently needed banking services to the community. The organizers were: Calvin F. Hill, Jay B. Kern, Clayton E. Snyder, Raymond H. Moser, Henry P. Wehr, Harvey E. Wotring and Ray J. Frantz.

The Organization Certificate was drawn on April 3, 1923, whereupon it was signed by the organizers. There were fifty-five original shareholders. The by-laws were adopted on November 23, 1923, and the bank was chartered to perform its business functions on December 20, 1923.

The first Board of Directors included: Calvin F. Hill, Harry B. Kern, Jay B. Kern, Jacob D. Kuhns, Elmer W. Kunkel, Preston E. Lentz, Joseph N. Mertz, Raymond H. Moser, Rollo O. Peters, Herbert S. Ritter, Clayton E. Snyder, Henry P. Wehr and Harvey E. Wotring. Elected as officers were: Calvin F. Hill, President; Jay B. Kern, Vice President; and Irvin H. Lengel, Cashier.

old-buildingThe bank originally conducted its business operations using a small room between The Neffs Hotel and Kern & Moser's General Store.  It was not until 1937 that the present day bank building was constructed, which was expanded in 1965 and again in 1995. 

In 1986, Neffs Bancorp, Inc. was formed and continues in operation as a one-bank holding company. The Neffs National Bank is the sole subsidiary of Neffs Bancorp, Inc.

From its modest beginning in 1923, the growth of the bank has been influenced by the prosperity of the local communities. Individuals and businesses continue to contribute to promoting community-oriented, independently-operated banking. Community banking continues today under dynamic leadership of a dedicated Board of Directors, the excellent cooperation of the employees and loyal support of the shareholders and depositors.