Managing your banking couldn’t be faster, easier, or more secure, Anytime – Anywhere, when you download The Neffs National Bank FREE** goDough® App for Android or Apple.  The general mobile banking website for use by Non-Android or Apple users is available at * (The following set up instructions apply to both goDough® and the general mobile banking website).

goDough® Mobile Banking Set Up Instructions:

  • Log in to NetTeller™  with your ID and password.
  • Click Options > Mobile Settings
  • Enable web access for your mobile device: Check the box to enroll as a Mobile User.
  • Choose whether or not you would like to receive text message alerts.
  • Mobile Phone Number: Enter your Mobile Phone Number (Required).
  • Select your wireless provider (Required).
  • Select the accounts you want to access from your mobile device: Choose one or all of your accounts. You can edit this selection at any time.
  • Click Submit
  • Review the Mobile Banking Agreement and click I Agree
  • Download the goDough® app: Sign in by using your NetTeller ID and password

If you selected to receive text message alerts, a SMS** Text Message with enrollment confirmation and your Financial Institution’s Mobile Website will be sent to your mobile device following completion of the Mobile Settings. You may then begin using your mobile device to access your accounts.  Anytime – Anywhere.

If you are not currently a NetTeller™ user, you can click here to Apply Now for your NetTeller™ ID and password.  Follow the instructions and you will be on your way to enjoying our goDough® Mobile Banking Service that goes with you everywhere and anywhere!

**You may be charged standard fees for text and Internet access depending on your mobile device carrier. Check with your service provider for details on specific fees and/or charges for your mobile phone plan.