In addition to the traditional loan and deposit products, The Neffs National Bank offers a variety of customer oriented products/services to meet your needs. These include:

    • ATM - Easy access to the STAR and PLUS systems. Two ATMs on location available 24/7.
    • BANKLINE - Your 24-Hour Telephone Banking Service, Dial: 610-767-7479.
    • Check Printers - Re-Order Checks - If you currently have Check Printers, Inc brand checks ordered through The Neffs National Bank, you can now re-order your checks.  Your checks will be sent to you, and charged to your account, exactly as if you came into the bank.  Have your reorder form ready and click *Check Printers to get started. Please call if you have any questions, or if you need assistance.  
    • Checks for all your needs - Cashiers Checks and Money Orders.
    • Coin Counter - It's never been easier to "Count Your Pennies" with us! No fees, just savings! Our new coin counter eliminates the need to sort and wrap your coins, and of course is a free service for our customers. Large quantities of coins are accepted as always, Tuesday through Thursday.  Restrictions on quantity may apply.
    • Direct Deposit - Convenient and safe banking for all checking and savings accounts.
    • Drive Thru Banking - Convenient and fast without leaving your car.
    • Merchant Credit Card Servicing - Allows your business to accept major credit cards.
    • NetTeller™ On-Line Banking - Fast, Safe, and Convenient access to your accounts anytime, anywhere you have Internet access. Sign-up Today!
    • Night Depository - Safety for all deposits—all day/all night.
    • Overdraft Transfer Protection - Prevents costly Non-Sufficient checking account fees.  Contact Customer Service for program details.
    • Safe Deposit Boxes - Security for your personal items - Variety of sizes.
      (Please Note: FDIC does not insure safe deposit box contents.)
    • The Neffs National Bank Platinum Credit Card - Convenience at a low rate and 24/7  access and no annual fee (TCM_Disclosures).  We also offer The Neffs National Bank Small Business Platinum Credit Card with 24/7 access and no annual fee.
    • *U.S. Savings Bonds - Affordable; safe; tax advantaged; liquid.  As of 1/1/2012 paper Savings Bonds are no longer sold at financial institutions.  Click image to Learn More. 
      savbond learn more
    • Visa Purchase Alerts – Receive real-time text or email alerts for The Neffs National Bank Visa Debit Card transactions that meet specific criteria you set up such as Amount Thresholds, International Purchases and/or Internet or Phone Purchases. For more information or to enroll, please visit *
    • Wire Transfer - Send/Receive funds immediately.  Please contact Customer Service for details at 610-767-3875.

If you have any questions on the above services/products or any other products or services please contact us at 610-767-3875 or e-mail us by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..